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What We Do?

Going out for a movie, shopping, or just a cafe are those clichéd hangout plans that do not interest people anymore. So, if you are looking out for exciting ideas to have unlimited fun with your friends and family, then ZooperIndia is here to offer you a blast of time with the first ever Trampoline park in Gurgaon that comes with a plethora of other entertaining and challenging activities to satiate your adrenaline rush. So, buckle up, as there’s going to be a lot of climbing, dunking, jumping, and what not at ZooperIndia, where fun is guaranteed!


With a series of fun-filled activities, we want to stand true to keeping families and friends closely bonded. Also, considering the fact that physical well-being is just as important as the mental well-being, and the unhealthy lifestyle patterns that we’ve adopted make it indispensible for us to take care of our health. Here, at ZooperIndia, we’ve created a platform that fuses fun with fitness to render you a worthwhile experience. Thus, we make sure your holistic development takes place where you savour the best times, enjoy with your friends and family, and chase your fitness goals, all at once!


An optimal balance between life and amusement is an absolute necessity, and therefore, our mission is to help people multi-task; no, not the conventional boring multi-task but the one which helps you evolve into a much lively soul. ZooperIndia brings the fun element in your life where you get to enjoy a leisurely time with your loved ones. Open for all, this is a one-stop destination for unlimited entertainment. We intend to get you off the “Series binge”, step out of your house, and do something amazing with your loved ones. We aim to help you develop a bond with your family that’s stronger, better, and filled with fun.

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