Attractions & Rides!

Kids Arena (Below Age 11 Years)

Soft Play Arena

Why should adults have all the fun? ZooperIndia offers kids with lots of activities like playing, sliding, rolling, climbing, and jumping to boost not just their enjoyment but also their health.

Rainbow Slides

The thrilling, heart-thumping, and fist-clenching slide awaits at ZooperIndia to leave you stoked and give a feeling of skating on the vibrant colours of the rainbow. So, don’t wait and grab your ticket now!

Ocean Ball Pool

Jump into a charming pool of colourful balls to enjoy the great fun it douses you in. Also, this is an exciting activity where the kids are not restricted to join with adults. So, come along and have loads of fun!

Horse Swing Ride

Also called the flying horses’ carousel or flying chair ride, it is one of the most liked amusement rides for kids. Here, you come across a soothing experience that makes you relish the adventure.

Adventure Arena (above 5 years age)

Foam Pit Zone

Here comes the ideal space for you to enjoy the most daring stunts safely into a pool of huge foam squares. Here, you just need to push, evolve, and fly to land into a super soft cloud of foam that will make you experience unlimited joy.

Slam Dunk

The Slam Dunk is the most thrilling way for people of all ages to experience the exciting move in basketball. The ultimate activity to enhance your freestyle skills, Slam Dunk allows you to thrust the ball down the basket like Michael Jordan!

Wall Climbing

A miniature version of Sky Walls for your daring young kids who want to reach new heights. Let them have a taste of adventure with a safety cushion of Foam Pit, where it becomes fun and exciting to bounce back from a fall.

Battle Beam

Gear up for the ultimate showdown, set your load out, decide your role and fight for the victory. Only the swords are made up of foam and the pit below is lined with cushion-like blocks to let your fun be fused with comfort.

Dodge Ball

Jump on the trampoline dodging, ducking, dipping, and diving the ball, hitting the scoreboard and letting the unlimited fun roll to you.

Glow In The Dark

Immerse into a whole new experience when the lights go out! At Zooper India, we present India’s first Glow-in-the-Dark Trampoline park, where you can have a Glowing Fun experience while enjoying your Freestyle Jumping Sass.

Spider Tower

Fall into the meshes of fun at ZooperIndia, enjoying the complexity of the Spider’s web. The challenge here is to cross the web without touching the ropes or using the same passage.

Sky Stepper

Take off high in the sky with Sky Stepper! Here, in the fusion of flight-n-faith, players have to climb pillars of different heights till the highest one and then take a leap, believing the mechanism at ZooperIndia.

Sky Walls

If you have a penchant to hit new heights and an appetite to do some adventurous stuff, then Sky Wall at ZooperIndia is the right thing for you. The 90-degree straight walls let you experience the true mountain climbing with sheer zeal and gusto.

Free Jump Arena

Free Jump Arena offers the best of trampoline experience with a host of incredible trampoline activities. Discover new heights, do parkour tricks and freestyle moves on trampolines at ZooperIndia to enjoy your day!

Tap Fun

Interactive trampoline is a fusion of trampoline and virtual reality where the player has to bounce to match the movements of the virtual character, performing freestyle tricks to achieve triumph.

Rope Obstacle Race

Experience an outdoor adventure at ZooperIndia that just not provides fun but also boosts your inner strength! Taking your fitness to greater heights, Rope Obstacle Race focuses on balancing skills, agility, and gives you jitters while being safe and sound.