Cosmic Exim

ZOOPER: The Trampoline Park (A unit of Cosmic Exim)
Participant Agreement Waiver, Release & Assumption of Risk Form
Everyone who signs on the waiver form must submit his/her Age Proof ID. If the
participant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver for
them & submit their age proof ID.
Zooper: The trampoline park entails certain risks that simply cannot be eliminated
without jeopardizing the park’s overall experience and essential qualities of its activities.
Risk include the negligence of other participants or yourself, injuries including rope
burns, sprains, fractures, scrapes, bruises and cuts, joint dislocations, pinched fingers
and serious injuries to head, back or neck which can cause paralysis or even death.
Participants often fall from the equipment, sprain, or break wrist, ankles& legs and can
suffer more serious injury as well. Participants often fall on each other resulting in
broken bones & other serious injuries. Double bouncing, more than one person per
trampoline can create are bound effect causing serious injury. In any event, if you or
your child is injured, you or your child may require medical assistance, at your own
expense. Furthermore, Zooper employees have extremely difficult and high-risk jobs to
perform. They seek safety but they are not infallible, they might be unaware of a
participant’s health issues or abilities. They may give incomplete warnings or
instructions and the equipment being used might malfunction in rare cases. I have had
sufficient opportunity to read this document. I have read and understood and agree to
be bound by its terms.

INDEMNIFICATION MUCH LESS SUE, its owners, partners, officers, employees,
volunteers, representatives, and agents, and the activity holders, sponsors, and
volunteers from any and all forms of liability for my (or my child’s) death, accident,
disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, property loss, or actions of
any kind which may hereafter occur to me (or my child) including my traveling to and
from this activity.
I agree that In case of any accident or mishappening, I shall not post disparaging or
defamatory statements about the company or its business interests and avoid social
media communications that might be misconstrued in a way that could damage the
company’s goodwill and business reputation, even indirectly.
In connection with my and Child\’s use of the Zooper Trampoline Park, I consent to the
recording of the Child\’s and my physical likeness and/or voice through photographic,
technical, digital, electronic or other means. I hereby consent to and authorize Cosmic
exim and its agents, to use such recordings, as well as the Child\’s name and my name,
for any purpose, including advertising, promoting and publicizing the Zooper Trampoline
Park. I waive any and all claims I may have in connection with the Recordings.
I confirm that I have not felt any flu-like or common cold symptoms in the past 14 days.
(Symptoms includes: Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Running nose, Respiratory difficulties,
Muscle aches)
I confirm that I have not been around people who exhibit the above-mentioned
I understand that I will have to follow the zooper safety protocols & guidelines to help
prevent each other from the spread of contagious COVID-19 virus.