Soft Play Zone

Soft Play Zone

Soft Play Zone

Kids Play Area

The Zone that not only provides entertainment to the kids but also improvises their health along with it. This zone is a full-fledged place for kids to jump, roll, slide, skit and play along all the glowy sections of the adventure park. Zooper India provides the best place for kids to engage themselves in all the fun activities they dearly want. Specially this section of the adventure park, which in a heart- warming manner occupies a child willingly to all its fun activities.

A section in Zooper India is only subjected to the kids, that is to the children below the age of 11 years old. This section includes the soft play arena, rainbow slides, ocean ball pool and horse swing ride which gives the required escapade to produce façade for the kids, but cautiously in a comforting and a safe space.

Soft Play Area in Gurgaon

This section is a personal getaway for those mothers as well who are either working or are certainly planning an urgent meet. This adventurous theme park also provides the visitors with the required cuisine they need for arranging a meet with friends or any urgent meeting. Where the mothers are definitely benefited with the presence of this soft play zone.

The soft play zone to Zooper India is a star benefited factor altogether which has not only provided a positive escape for mothers, but for Zooper India to experience the touch of an innocent hand towards this adventure theme park. A blessed zone as it is considered, the kids are surely to experience the best times of their life with Zooper India and a constant companion to play with.

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