Spooktacular Halloween Celebrations at Zooper - The Trampoline Park

Spooktacular Halloween Celebrations at Zooper - The Trampoline Park

The globally aware millennial generation has adopted many western festivals and our own and Halloween tops the list in the fun quotient. But where is the fun without Zooper getting involved in the thick of things? So, we decided to make things a little spooky this Halloween. And, we found out that it is not really hard to bring the Halloween spirit to a place that literally glows in the dark. Now, we just needed some cute and excitable ghosts to haunt the trampoline park.

Thus began the preparations for a spooktacular Halloween party. An extensive campaign on social media handles to set the stage inviting children and their parents to come and show off their best Halloween costumes. We also ran a costume contest for those who were going to stay at home and haunt their own mansions.

And, when the fateful night arrived it was anything but scary. Hordes of costumed ghosts, superheroes, and cartoon characters were found bounding all over the place, their laughter and squeals of joy echoing in the hall rather than ghostly whispers and noises. Sooner rather than later all ghostly pretensions were forgotten, candies were shared and eaten together and costumes were discussed, examined and critiqued upon. There were prizes of course but as the evening drew to a close, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that everyone had won.

India’s first glow-in-the-dark trampoline park in Gurgaon, ZOOPER. Boasting various engaging games and fun activities for children as well as adolescents Zooper is a wholesome place for your child to spend their leisure in. We take all precautions for the safety of young ones.

Zooper also organizes themed events from time to time. Check out our Instagram for recent updates and more details.