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Experience the Ultimate Bouncy Thrills at Zooper Trampoline Park Gurgaon

trampoline park gurgaon

The summer vacations are here and stepping out in the sun seems impossible! So what do we do when we want to have some fun? Zooper is the ultimate solution!!

If you are in a similar position and want to bounce away from the boredom of day-to-day activities, dive into the wild world of ZooperIndia Trampoline Park Gurgaon! From slam dunks to colourful walls like a ninja-  we have got it all! Whether you’re a daredevil or just looking for a rad time with the fam, ZooperIndia is the place to be. 

ZooperIndia in Gurgaon is India’s very first trampoline park that lights up in the dark! And guess what? There’s more! We have loads of super fun games and challenges to keep your heart racing and your smile wide. 

So, are you ready to bounce, laugh, and make unforgettable memories? So, are you ready to jump, flip, and bounce your way to epic adventures? Grab your socks, because the fun starts NOW at ZooperIndia Trampoline Park!

Foam Pit Zone: Where Fun Meets Safety

If there is one thing that we know for sure about kids is that they love the kind of fun that involves lots of falling, jumping, kicking, crawling and other high-adrenaline activities. These activities may put the kids at risk of injury in other places but not at Zooper Trampoline Park Gurgaon! 

The foam pit zone is the place where your kids can unleash all the energy stored in them and dive into fun with foam pits. These soft and cushiony pits are filled with foam which makes it a very fun place for your kids to explore without fearing getting hurt or falling. Your kids can have a foam fight (like a pillow fight) or play hide and seek by hiding in the foam pit and their friends seeking them- the imagination is limitless!

Slam Dunk Like a Pro

Are you a basketball enthusiast who wants to jump up a really very high slam dunk like a pro? Well, guess what? At ZooperIndia’s trampoline park Gurgaon, the sky’s the limit! While we can’t predict how high you’ll jump on solid ground, here, you can bounce as high as your heart desires during our slam dunk activity. Because here there is no solid ground to restrict your jump and there is no fear of falling- feel weightless as you reach for the hoop, and then, bam! You slam dunk that ball like a champ! The tiny tots will be no less than basketball superstars within no time.

Scaling New Heights with Wall Climbing

For the kids who have always been a fan of Spider-Man, the wall climbing activity is extremely enthralling. With the safety and expertise of Zooper trampoline park Gurgaon, you can let your children be free to climb the colourful walls, challenge their own fears and have a truckload of fun! 

These colourful walls have built-in ridges that can be used for climbing with upper body strength. But what if they fall- you think? Not to worry! The sea or foam is right there to catch them without even the slightest scratch! So, let them climb, reach new heights, and experience the joy of conquering challenges, all while staying safe and secure at ZooperIndia Trampoline Park in Gurgaon!

Free Jump Arena

The free jump arena is one of the most favourite places of both younger and older kids! This glow-in-the-dark jumping area is one of a kind trampoline park in Gurgaon! Here, the floor is replaced with bouncy trampolines and secure foam pads to make your boring day change into a bouncy dreamland. 

So just put on your socks and show what you can do on the trampolines! You can jump, flip, show some tricks or just hop from place to place- leaping as high as a wild rabbit! This free jumping arena at Zooper Trampoline Park Gurgaon gives wings to the excitement and makes your heart race with possibilities.

Tap Fun: A Fast-Paced Challenge

 For the kids that like some competitive fun, tap fun is a challenging activity that is surely going to park up a lot of competitive spirit in them. In this activity, there are a number of glowing balls appearing on the wall that flicker around. The idea is to test the quick reflexes of the children and accordingly, they have to touch as many glowing balls as possible. 

Serious and competitive as it may sound, children absolutely love this game and if you hear lots of laughter, screaming and “hurrays”- you can guess that the game of tap fun is on! Such games at Zooper Trampoline Park Gurgaon are what makes it the go-to destination for all parents who want to give their kids a memorable day out or a birthday party that they are going to remember into adulthood!

Balancing Beam: A Test of Skill and Determination

If you have seen the rolling pin task on Takeshi’s castle and thought, “I could do this easily!” Well, it is your time to prove it now! The balancing beam is your challenge to stay poised in equilibrium and cross the beam without falling!

Challenge your friends, and make new friends here add Zooper India trampoline park Gurgaon and challenge them as well- let us see who can cross the balance beam without falling into the foam pit below. And dear parents, don’t worry! All our activities are supervised by trained professionals- so you never have to worry about your little ones falling into any kind of trouble.

Professional Jumpers’ Trampoline: For Seasoned Pros

Zooper may be amazing for kids who want to play around but it is not just for them! We have a separate place for seasoned professionals as well! Professional Jumpers’ Trampoline is a perfect spot for performance jumpers who crave the exhilaration of doing high jumps. In this area skilled and less skilled athletes, alike, can feel the adrenaline rush of performing flips, jumps and simply stunt activities, that allow them to stand out from the rest.

From mastering your technique in mid-air to pushing the limits of what you can do, our trampoline is the ideal playing field where you can channel your inner acrobat.

Zooper- The Best Trampoline Park Gurgaon

Let’s go! No more stagnation, it’s time to bounce on! 

Stop your search for a trampoline park Gurgaon with Zooper! All types of visitors can get adrenaline rushes and kids can find what they like in Zooper. Zooper provides a wide range of thrilling activities to keep the visitors entertained, eye-catching neon colours that create a lively atmosphere and a secure environment that offers you an action-packed day of sheer enjoyable fun!

So get your tiny tots with your friends and family, put on your socks and get ready to bounce with Zooper India Trampoline Park Gurgaon!

ZooperIndia is India’s first ever GLOW IN THE DARK Trampoline park in Gurgaon that comes with a plethora of other entertaining and challenging activities to satiate your adrenaline rush.


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