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Adventure Zone

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Go Beyond Ordinary Fun With ZooperIndia’s Adventure Bonanza!

Are you ready for the thrill??

The Adventure Zone at ZooperIndia promises to provide a one-of-a-kind adventure! With trampolines that come alive in the dark, we offer a unique, heart-pounding experience like no other. Our Spider Tower, Sky Stepper, and Sky Wall will take you on a rollercoaster ride filled with unlimited moments of joy 😉 So, get ready to bounce, climb and jump while challenging your limits and making unforgettable memories at ZooperIndia’s adventure zone.

Adventure Arena (Above 5 Years of Age)

Spider Tower

The Spider Tower offers kids an exhilarating challenge! They plunge backwards through a labyrinth of ropes, an adventure they can’t escape, descending into the unknown before landing safely on the trampoline. This is a thrilling experience that combines daring fun with a soft, bouncy landing 🙂
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Sky Stepper

Sky Stepper is a one-of-a-kind attraction that takes fun to a whole new level. Here, kids have to climb pillars of different heights, and the challenge is maintaining balance and making their way from start to finish – without losing their footing! It is a thrilling adventure that will have them stepping into the clouds!!

Sky Wall

Does your child want to reach new heights and defy gravity? If yes, look no further than the Sky Wall at ZooperIndia! These 90-degree straight walls are their ticket to an exhilarating mountain-climbing experience. And, with each ascent, their courage and determination will shine, making them the ultimate conqueror of the heights!
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