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food court at zooper trampoline park
From the exhilarating bounce of our trampolines to the thrill of scaling the climbing walls, we create epic adventures for the little ones. Our attractions have been meticulously designed to keep their excitement soaring and the giggles flowing! And that’s not all – the food court’s tasty surprises, mouthwatering treats from the Candy House, and the world of wonder that the toy shop brings will fill their every moment with sheer joy and energy 😉

Candy House

Let the kids step into a world of candy dreams, where they explore a rainbow of sweets, from gummy bears to sour belts. It’s the perfect place to let their sweet tooth run wild!
candy house of Zooper Trampoline Park
zooper trampoline park attractions

Food Court

Feast your way through a delightful array of yummy snacks! From cheesy pizzas to crispy fries, we have it all, so that the energy never runs out.

magnetic catcher ( Stick Catcher )

Test your reflexes and agility with our Stick Catcher challenge! Stand beneath the circle, focus your attention, and prepare to catch falling sticks in this exciting game of skill. But here’s the catch – you can’t step out of the circle! With sticks dropping unpredictably, every moment is a test of concentration and precision. Are you up for the challenge?

candy house of Zooper Trampoline Park
ice cream shop at zooper trampoline park

Ice Cream Shop (ScoopsVilla)

With 14 delectable flavours, our ice cream shop is a paradise for little ice cream lovers! From classics like chocolate and vanilla to adventurous choices, we have got a flavour to tickle every taste bud. And for an extra dash of fun, they must not forget to experience the Turkish ice cream trick – where trying to take the ice cream is just the beginning of the amusement!

Toy Catcher

Our toy Catcher is a treasure trove filled with plushies, the cuddly companions. So, let your kids pick out their favourite toy as a memento of their epic day!
candy house of Zooper Trampoline Park