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Soft Play Zone

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Kids’ Wonderland

ZooperIndia is the kids’ ultimate playground where the fun never stops! We have an awesome lineup of activities that will make them jump for joy. So, get ready to play, slide, roll, climb, and bounce your way to endless fun and supercharged health. We will make sure your adventure is as epic as you are!

Biggest Soft Play Zone (From 2 - 8 Years of Age)

Horse Swing Ride

Why not go for a wild ride on the Horse Swing? It is a gallop through the imagination where kids can saddle up and let their dreams run wild as they swing back and forth on their trusty steed. And, with each sway, they will experience an adventure that’s as thrilling as it is fun!
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Rainbow Slide

It’s time to slide through a rainbow! At ZooperIndia, our Rainbow Slide is like a rollercoaster through colours that will make your kids’ hearts race with excitement. This is the best adventure for them, as every twist and turn will take them on a journey through a world of fun and vibrant thrills.

Ocean Ball Pool

Our Ocean Ball Pool is a dreamland for kids – where they can gleefully splash, jump and dive into a sea of colourful balls. This exciting world opens doors to a whirlwind of laughter and playful chaos, creating unforgettable, splash-tastic memories they’ll treasure for years to come.
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