Trampoline Arena

Trampoline Park: Where Fun Takes Flight!

Our trampoline area is where the excitement knows no bounds! Whether you are a daredevil seeking thrills or just looking for a unique family outing, we have got you covered with various trampoline activities like slam dunk, wall climbing, free jumping, and whatnot 😉 As a cherry on top, our trampolines come alive with vibrant neon colours, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and an exhilarating adventure that’s perfect for all ages. So come, join us and let the good times soar!

Biggest Trampoline Park ( 3 years to All Age )

Foam Pit Zone

Foam Pit Zone at ZooperIndia is a world of soft landings and endless fun, where kids can leap, tumble, and soar through a sea of fluffy foam cubes. Here, they can enjoy the gravity-defying moves and create fantastic memories that will have them grinning from ear to ear!

Slam Dunk

Our Slam Dunk is the right activity for aspiring basketball champs. With every jump, they can reach for the stars and perfect their slam dunk skills. It is a high-flying fun that will have them feeling like a basketball superstar – in no time!

Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing at ZooperIndia is a heart-pounding adventure that’s not just about scaling walls, but scaling limits! Here, kids ascend colourful walls, enjoying a combination of fun and the thrill of reaching new heights.

Free Jump Arena

Boundless freedom awaits at ZooperIndia’s glowing-in-the-dark Free Jump Arena! This is where kids can bounce, flip and leap to their heart’s content, dousing in unlimited wonder and joy. It’s the ultimate playground where the floor becomes the sky, fun knows no limits, and kids enjoy free-flying excitement! The only catch is, they need to wear socks for a smooth landing 😉 

Tap Fun

Tap Fun is a fast-paced, entertaining game that encourages quick reflexes and a competitive spirit in kids. Their mission is to tap on as many balls-on-the-walls as they can. And, with glowing balls bouncing all around, this activity promises endless fun and the chance to test their tapping skills!

Balancing Beam

Imagine a rotating foam beam suspended above a pool of foam cubes. Sounds challenging, but thrilling too! It’s an exciting test of coordination, equilibrium, and determination where kids have to balance and navigate this ever-moving surface. It offers an unforgettable excitement for l’il adventurers, making every moment a memory!

Professional Jumpers’ Trampoline

Say hello to the ultimate trampoline experience for professional jumpers/gymnasts at ZooperIndia! Our exceptionally bouncy trampolines provide the platform for soaring high into the air, executing flips, high jumps, and other thrilling acrobatics. It will be a gravity-defying journey pouring endless fun on you while providing a chance to showcase your jumping skills – like never before. The only rule is  – wear socks for a safe and slip-free adventure!